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About Us
Diversified Technical Systems is based in Seal Beach, CA. Founded in 1990 by three crash test engineers, our mission is to support the data acquisition needs of the industry's most demanding, high impact testing applications. Today, that mission is supported by a dedicated team around the globe.
bullet  DTS World Headquarters:
     Seal Beach, California USA

bullet  DTS Technical Centers:
     Michigan USA
     United Kingdom


bullet  Sales representatives in over 25+ countries

bullet  Clients include Fortune 500 leaders worldwide

bullet  Over 500,000 DTS DAS channels fielded worldwide

bullet  ISO 17025 Accredited (A2LA) for calibration services

bullet  DTS testing solutions are designed to fit a variety of industries and applications:
     Automotive Crash
     Vehicle Safety
     Biomechanics/Human Injury
Blast Measurement
OEM Embedded
Research & Development
Ride & Handling
Shock & Vibration
Sports & Recreation

Capabilities & Expertise
Dynamic testing focused in automotive, military and occupant safety is our core competency. DTS owners and technical support team all have field experience which allows them to work with customers on solutions based in practical knowledge and a real world understanding of testing-especially critical destructive and high-impact testing.

Our working relationships with top automakers have been instrumental in the development and evolution of our data acquisition systems and sensors. DTS has also partnered with dummy manufacturers over the years on integrated DAS solutions, including the first in-dummy DAS for WorldSID.

DTS has a long history working with the military on projects ranging from vehicle black boxes to blast testing and helmet sensors, all with a focus on advancing solider survivability. Starting in 2008, over 7,000 helmets with "smart sensors" designed by DTS were fielded by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps. An additional 20,000 units have been completed in ongoing efforts to reduce head injuries and improve safety systems.

From their very first projects, DTS founders Steve Pruitt, Mike Beckage and Tim Kippen aimed to be different. Instead of making customers conform their needs to a static product, DTS created custom data acquisition systems that were built from scratch and uniquely structured to reflect the client's specifications.

In 1995, DTS created its first modular data acquisition system called TDAS. It was an innovative, fully-featured and simple way to collect test data for occupant and vehicle safety applications. In 1999, DTS reached a key milestone when it was awarded the contract to develop the first in-dummy DAS system for WorldSID, which brought DTS worldwide recognition in the crash community.

Throughout these developments, the DTS team never lost sight of a simple but critical ingredient to success-listening. After a visit where the General Motors team identified additional features that would make TDAS ideal for their purposes, the DTS team returned the next month with a new system that included all of those features. The resulting sale was-and to this day, still is-the largest single order in crash-test market history.

Today, DTS continues to develop innovative new products and is globally recognized in many industries as a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions.


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