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Size and weight of data acquisition equipment for many in-flight applications is especially critical. DTS systems are ultra-small, capable of high sampling rates and high shock rated. DTS systems are so small and rugged that they can actually be placed on rotating engines and even inside micro UAVs. Faster set-up, reduced cabling and consistent reliability, make DTS systems an ideal choice for a variety of aerospace and aviation applications worldwide.

Orion Capsule

Ejection Test


Ejection Test

Helicopter Crash Test

  • Egress & ejection seat
  • FAA certification
  • Helicopter hard landing
  • Hypersonic wind tunnel
  • In-flight: airframe, UAV,
    helicopter rotor, spacecraft
  • Parachute performance
  • Missile & ordnance
  • Rotating engine test
  • Seat & restraints
  • Structural resonance & fatigue
  • Vibration & modal analysis

  • Compact size
  • Reliable, high performance
  • Modular channel configurations
  • 1-100 ksps/channel or greater
  • Rugged, high g durable
  • Umbilical-free
  • Compatible with a wide variety of sensors,
     including IEPE SLICE MICRO
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software
  • TDAS Control software includes DRI and HIC calculations

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