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As a leading manufacturer of data recorders and sensors, DTS has worked with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide to develop custom, embedded products. If you have a need (or even just a vision) to be able to integrate data recording and/or sensing capabilities into your product - contact DTS today to see if we can partner to make it happen.

DTS offers unique, expert testing and engineering capabilities, along with our high volume manufacturing experience - providing you one source from start to finish.

Pedestrian Leg   Army Helmet   NASCAR TSR PRO

  • FLEX-GTR Pedestrian Leg
    DTS worked First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS) to integrate the SLICE NANO miniature data recorder into the Flex Pedestrian Leg Form. Up to 36 channels of SLICE NANO fit into the Flex leg. The Flex is fired at 40 km/hr from a launcher and is also used in full scale vehicle tests.
  • Helmet blast sensor and data recorder
    DTS worked with a military contractor to develop a data recorder with integrated accelerometers, angular rate sensors and pressure sensing for combat helmets to help detect traumatic brain injury. Wireless communications is also a key feature.
  • Vehicle blast recorder
    DTS developed of a 5000 g shock rated, high sample rate event recorder for military vehicles with 3 axis acceleration and angular rate sensing, CAN bus and GPS recording and pressure, humidity and temperature sensing. Data is collected over 100K samples/sec/chan to measure the blast environment.
  • Racecar event recorder
    DTS worked with leading motorsports teams to create a low power, high rate data recorder with integrated 3 axis acceleration sensing for incident data recording.Helmets/protective gear

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