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DataPRO Software
DataPRO Software  DataPRO Software
DataPRO Software  DataPRO Software
DataPRO Software  DataPRO Software

DataPRO is the official set-up, control and data viewing software designed by DTS for SLICE PRO data acquisition systems. It is also the single software solution capable of running all DTS hardware platforms. Using DataPRO software, SLICE PRO systems can be integrated with legacy TDAS PRO and TDAS G5 data recorders in a single test set-up.

DataPRO offers a modern, intuitive user interface designed to help test engineers easily create, control and manage every aspect of a test. Ideal for both small scale tests and multi-user test facilities, DataPRO is scalable and modular, just like the data acquisition systems it controls. There are six main sections each with multiple tiles that can be custom configured per test or individual user depending upon permissions granted.

Key DataPRO software features include:

  • Standalone or centralized SQL database for shared sensor, DAS and test information
  • Customizable user interface for each user
  • Integration with both SLICE and TDAS hardware
  • Integrated off-line test Builder
  • Multiple data export formats

Extensive diagnostics ensure proper hardware and sensor status before each test. Plus additional features such as squib resistance checks and firing to internal loads are critical for applications including air bag and pretensioner testing.

DataPRO is Windows 7/8/10 (32- and 64-bit) compatible on both PC or Tablet devices. DataPRO offers comprehensive viewing modes, filters and multiple export options including CSV, TSV, Diadem, ISO, Excel and EQX.


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