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DTS has designed and engineered a complete line of software exclusively for DTS data acquisition systems. All software is developed with intuitive user interfaces, flexible features and maximum efficiency for data collection, viewing and analysis.

SLICEWare Software
SLICEWare Software

SLICEWare Software

DTS developed SLICEWare to run SLICE MICRO, SLICE NANO and SLICE PRO data acquisition systems. SLICEWare set-up and control software provides fast, easy-to-use tools for storing sensor information and performing data collection. Advanced features such as automatic sensor assignment, detailed channel diagnostics, and real-time data display support successful testing and quality data every time.

SLICEWare software application allows for easy:
  • Test set-up
  • Sensor database management
  • Real-time sensor check-out
  • Test execution
  • Data download and viewing
  • Data export

SLICEWare is Windows 7/8/10 (32- and 64-bit) compatible. SLICE is a standalone data acquisition system so once it is armed, the PC can be disconnected. After receiving a Start Record or Trigger signal, the SLICE autonomously collects data, storing it to flash memory with no user interaction. After the test, the user can reconnect the PC to download the data. There is also a real-time mode in the SLICEWare software application that allows the user to check channel inputs on an oscillograph-looking screen. SLICE supports four data collection modes.

SLICEWare Software

SLICEWare's sensor database allows for easy management of large or small sensor inventories. The integrated view of available SLICE systems defaults to automatic sensor assignment using Electronic ID and also supports easy manual assignment of sensors to channels. Diagnostic tools such as excitation and offset measurement help identify wiring and other problems before collecting data. Once the system is checked and armed, it's easy to setup and monitor the data acquisition process using real-time communication and display updates. Details such as sample rate, test identifier, and test length can be specified for each data collection run. After data retrieval, the SLICEWare data viewer provides easy-to-use tools for reviewing test data. Features such as zoom, filtering and range selection are just a mouse click away.


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