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DTS has designed and engineered a complete line of software exclusively for DTS data acquisition systems. All software is developed with intuitive user interfaces, flexible features and maximum efficiency for data collection, viewing and analysis.

TSR Control Software
TSR Control Software

TSR Control Software

TSR Control software provides fast, easy-to-use tools for controlling the TSR shock recorder and viewing the stored events. With a focus on speed and simplicity, TSR Control provides the tools to configure the recorder, view real-time sensor output and review your time-history data.

TSR Control is Windows XP, Vista, or 7 compatible. TSR is a standalone data logger so once it is armed, the PC can be disconnected.

TSR Control allows you to choose the recording time (seconds) and trigger threshold (g) for each axis. Initializing the TSR synchronizes its timestamp with the PC. The TSR will trigger and collect data for the programmed period if the g threshold on any axis is met. The system will automatically re-arm for another event after the previous event recording is complete.

The system allows users to easily download select or multiple events stored in the unit, which can also be viewed real time. TSR Control data viewer provides easy-to-use tools for zoom, filtering and FFT.


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