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HeadSAFE Impact Tester
ASTM & EN Compliant

Cable-Free Headform for Recreational Surface Testing
Built-in Data Logger with DC-Response Triaxial Accelerometer
THOR In-DummyHeadSAFE Impact Tester THOR In-DummyHeadSAFE Impact Tester
Simple & Reliable
  • Portable headform with a built-in acceleration recorder
  • No cables or wires free-flight dynamics
  • Designed specifically for recreational surface testing
  • Hardware meets ASTM F1292 and EN 1177 standards
High Performance
  • 1 GB flash memory, stores up to 2000 events
  • Lithium battery; USB rechargeable
  • DC-Response accelerometers ensure accurate velocity and displacement data
  • Sensor range: ±500g
  • Logs temperature, date and time for each event
Intuitive Software
  • Easy-to-use software with multiple viewing and post-processing options
  • ASTM/EN-compliant filters and GMax values
  • Head Injury Criterion (HIC)
  • Generate custom lab or field reports on the spot

HeadSAFE Impact Tester
HeadSAFE Software Tutorial
Collect & Download Data


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