TDAS Control Software

The TDAS software was developed by test engineers for test engineers. It implements extensive diagnostic features while keeping the user interface straightforward and easy to configure.

TDAS software is installed on a Windows® XP or Vista Compatible computer.

TDAS functions are set up by an IBM-compatible computer running easy to use TDAS Control software. Once the computer initializes the system, it can be disconnected and the modules will collect data with no additional support. After the test, data stored in each module is downloaded to the PC hard drive in binary format. Once on the hard drive, the binary data files are then unpacked for viewing and post-processing.

Information regarding TDAS hardware calibration, test setup information, and calibration information for the sensors in the test lab inventory is stored in files that are managed by the TDAS Control software. TDAS hardware is rugged, modular and inherently expandable. TDAS PRO and TDAS G5 systems can be linked together for >6,400 channels in one test.

There are no potentiometers to adjust because hardware settings are made completely under software control. Every time a data collection task is initiated, the software runs a thorough calibration check on each measurement channel. Appropriate gains are set, sensor offsets are zeroed and anti-aliasing filters are set.

TDAS Control software makes data collection as easy as point and click, with emphasis on sound engineering testing practices. The engineers who developed this package, responsible for collecting data in hundreds of fully-instrumented dynamic tests, incorporate their knowledge into TDAS Control to fulfill the needs identified from real-world testing experiences. The software contains standard point-and-click processing options for SAE-class post-filters, integrals, resultants, HICs, and others. TDAS Control software is intelligent and tries to protect the user from inadvertently using poor testing practices.

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