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DTS recommends annual calibration services to protect your investment in your DAS, sensors and critical data. Find the service option that fits your needs and budget.

DTS FACTORY CALIBRATION: Send your equipment to one of our DTS Tech Centers around the world.

ON-SITE CALIBRATION: Let DTS come to your facility. Available worldwide, reduces downtime, shipping expenses and hassle.

ISO 17025 (A2LA Accredited): Do you require ISO 17025 certification? This option is available for factory and on-site calibrations for most DTS products.

SERVICE CONTRACTS: Budget all your calibration, repair and training needs on one PO and reduce paperwork. In addition, the option for multi-year contracts allow you to budget and forecast expenses.


ONLY DTS is capable of
maintaining or repairing
your DAS and sensors
to original factory parameters.

Every DTS Calibration is a complete check-up including:
Check mark  Compliance with SAE J211/ISO 6487
Check mark  DAS batteries checked or replaced as needed. Backup batteries       contained in many DTS data acquisition systems require periodic       replacement to avoid data loss or costly damage to the product.
      (Backup batteries are not user serviceable in most DTS products.)
Check mark  Signal amplitude linearity tested over gain ranges
Check mark  System time base and event timing validation
Check mark  Anti-alias filter performance validation
Check mark  Excitation accuracy and overload protection validation
Check mark  Internal calibration factors updated for best accuracy
Check mark  ISO 17025 (A2LA accredited) calibration service available

Please contact sales@dtsweb.com for pricing, scheduling and service option details. DTS also offers custom service contracts that include on-site calibration, repairs, training, priority service and much more. DTS also continues to support and calibrate legacy products including TDAS1, TDAS2, and MDAS.

ISO 17025
In May 2010, DTS Michigan was accredited by A2LA, a leading U.S. agency and member of ILAC, to perform ISO 17025 calibration services. The ISO/IEC 17025 standard, published in 1999 by the
International Organization for Standardization (ISO), takes the quality management systems from ISO 9001 and adds requirements specific to test laboratories. This includes many technical requirements such as uncertainty and best measurement capability, in addition to accreditation and regular audits by a certified agency.

The ISO 17025 calibration and reporting process is much more detailed and complex than standard calibration services and requires, among other things, listing every measurement in the "As Received" condition as well as the "As Returned" state. For example, the ISO 17025 calibration report for the TDAS G5 DAS module is now 25+ pages as compared with the 4 page standard report.

Each industry has different standards to follow and many DTS automotive customers require that measurement and reference equipment (such as sensors or DAS) need to be calibrated by an ISO 17025 accredited lab to ensure standardized quality management practices and traceability. As part of the process, DTS requires our reference equipment to be calibrated by an ISO 17025 accredited lab.


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