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DTS strives to provide information that is accurate, detailed and at your fingertips. If you have additional questions, please email sales@dtsweb.com or support@dtsweb.com or call DTS and a sales or support engineer will respond to your question directly. Or please call DTS and we are happy to help answer any questions.
Q: How do I know which product is best for my application?
Start by identifying the basics required for your test:
1. Sampling rate & duration
2. Size restrictions
3. Channel count
4. Static or dynamic test environment
5. Sensor types
6. Types of testing
Once you have identified these criteria, a DTS sales engineer can help you identify the best system and options for your test environment.

Q: What channel count options does DTS offer?
DTS manufacturers several data acquisition systems each with different features and channel configurations. All DAS systems offer rack or daisy-chain options to create test set-ups to accommodate up to thousands of channels.
SLICE = 3 Channel Increments
TDAS PRO = 8 Channel Increments
TDAS PRO LAB = 8 Channel Increments
TDAS PRO TOM = 4 Squib + 8 Digital Outs
TDAS G5 = 32 Channel Increments

Q: What is the lead time?
Standard lead time is 4-8 weeks for most products. If you have a test schedule you are trying to meet, please contact us as soon as possible so we can work to try meet your schedule and needs.

Q: Can I buy direct from DTS?
For customers located in the United States, please contact our corporate headquarters in Seal Beach, CA. For international customers, see our list of sales offices worldwide. If there is not a sales office listed in your area, please contact corporate headquarters or email sales@dtsweb.com for sales assistance.

Q: How much does a DTS system cost?
Systems vary greatly depending upon the channel count and accessories required for each application. Please contact a DTS sales engineer for more information and pricing.

Q: What are the differences between the DTS ARS and similar sensors?
There truly is no other sensor that directly compares to the DTS ARS. The DTS ARS is available in a variety of standard range options from ±300 - 50,000 deg/sec. Rugged packaging, DC response and quick turn around on calibration services are other key features that set the DTS ARS apart from other angular rate sensors.

Q: Do I really need to have my equipment calibrated?
DTS recommends annual calibration services to verify both the equipment and integrity of the data. Some testing regulations require proof of annual calibration for all test equipment.

DTS factory calibrations include a variety of important checks:
  • Battery replacement
  • Signal amplitude linearity
  • Anti-alias filter performance validation
  • System time base and event timing validation
  • Excitation accuracy and overload protection validation
  • Compliance with SAE J211/ISO 6487

Q: How long does it take for calibration services?
Standard calibration lead time is 1-2 weeks for ARS sensors and 3-5 weeks for data acquisition systems. Equipment can be sent in to a DTS lab or on-site calibration services are also available worldwide. Please contact sales for pricing, lead times and an RMA number before any equipment is shipped. If you have a test date coming up and need equipment calibrated, please contact us as soon as possible so we can try to meet your schedule and needs.

Q: What does ISO 17025 (A2LA Accredited) calibration services mean?
Some test regulations require that calibration services conform to ISO 17025, which is an international quality management system from ISO 9001 specific to test laboratories. DTS Michigan is accredited by A2LA to perform ISO 17025 calibration services on TDAS PRO, TDAS G5 and ARS products. For more information and pricing, please contact sales.

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