TDAS Control Software

TDAS Control is the original set-up, control, viewing and export software developed by DTS. TDAS Control provides easy-to-use tools for configuring output timing, as well as advanced features such as automatic sensor assignment, detailed channel diagnostics, real-time display and squib fire for airbag testing. TDAS Control only works with TDAS G5 and TDAS PRO.


• Easy to use GUI interface for test-set-up, control, viewing and data export
• Simple XML sensor database with local access
Sensor ID and real-time check-out
• Processing options for SAE-class post-filters, integrals, resultants, HIC and more
High Performance
Supports squib fire for airbag and pretensioner testing
• Real-time data display
• Advanced self-diagnostics
• Supports TDAS G5 and legacy TDAS PRO & TDAS PRO LAB hardware
• Comprehensive viewing modes, filters and multiple export options including CSV, TSV, Diadem and Excel
• Windows 7/8/10 (32- and 64-bit) compatible on PC