TSR Control Software

TSR Control is the user-friendly set-up, control and viewing software for the entire line of TSR data loggers. An intuitive interface makes it easy to configure the recorder, view real-time sensor output and review time-history data. Via a PC, users can set the record time (seconds), trigger threshold (g) per axis, and download individual or multiple events stored in flash memory. TSR Control also includes tools for zoom, filtering and Head Injury Criteria (HIC) calculations.

Intuitive GUI interface for test set-up, control, viewing and data export
• User-selectable recording time 
Software enabled power saving features wakes unit from sleep to ready mode
• System automatically re-arms for another event after previous event recording is complete
• Programmable level trigger on each axis
• Real time sensor output
• Date, time and temperature stamp for each event
• SAE filters, zoom, multiple viewing options
• Head Injury Criteria (HIC) calculations
• Windows 7/8/10 (32- and 64-bit) compatible