DTS New Sales Partner – CRISEL
DTS New Sales Partner -Crisel
DTS announces Crisel as its newest international Sales Partner. Crisel will focus on two of DTS’ innovative products, SLICE6 AIR and TSR AIR, for aerospace and defense testing. Based in Italy, Crisel is a leading provider of high-technology solutions, equipment, and components.

“The companies we partner with, and the solutions we deliver, come from leaders in their area and are the result of careful selection,” says Carlo Florio, Customers Solution Manager at Crisel. “The companies we partner with, like DTS, guarantee best-in-class, high-quality, and reliable solutions for the Italian market. We are excited to collaborate with DTS because they provide the best innovative solutions when it comes to miniature rugged data acquisition systems (DAS), data loggers and sensors for critical testing,” adds Carlo. “DTS puts customer needs at the forefront of product development. Their focus on delivery, reliability, worldwide support, and excellent service is in line with our company values,” Carlo shares.

Founded in 1993, Crisel has achieved an excellent reputation in the reference sectors thanks to a personalized approach to meeting the needs of each customer. The successful fulfillment of their corporate mission to not just sell a product or service, but rather function as a true ‘solutions provider’ has led to contracts in the private sphere, public administration, and defense sector.

Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) is a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems and sensors for product and safety testing since 1990. Jim Shaw, Director of Sales & Marketing at DTS, comments, “Crisel’s excellent reputation precedes them. We are excited to have Crisel bring its aerospace and defense expertise to promote SLICE6 AIR & TSR AIR to the Italian markets. Like DTS, they focus on providing complete testing solutions, along with top-tier customer service,” Jim continues.
The SLICE6 AIR is a data acquisition unit (DAU) that is ideal for rapid deployment modification and compatibility testing for aerospace and in-flight applications. The TSR AIR, one of DTS’ latest innovations, is a universal data logger with built-in 6DOF (6 degrees-of-freedom) for shock and vibration testing.

“We look forward to working together with Crisel to support many new customers and a wide range of exciting flight test applications,” concludes Jim.

April 12, 2023

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