Meet the Smallest Most Versatile 6DOF Data Logger Available
DTS DDR Smallest Versatile 6DOF Data Logger Available
DTS DDR Smallest Versatile 6DOF Data Logger Available

February 8, 2022

Ultra-small, ultra-light, ultra-low power and ultra-flexible. That’s the DTS DDR. One of the latest innovations from DTS, the DDR (Dynamic Data Recorder) is expanding testing possibilities. This standalone 6-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) data logger measures both triaxial linear and triaxial angular acceleration and can be laid flat or curved around, or in, a test article.

This versatility means the DTS DDR can be used in a large variety of applications such as:

  • Sports/Biomechanics: embed on, or in, mouthguards, helmets, shoes, and gloves for monitoring strike and impact. The NFL is using mouthguards fitted with the DDR to monitor and help advance player safety.
  • Defense/Army: embed in protective gear including helmets, boots or packs to collect 6DOF data in the field and during training. The DDR technology is also being used to develop In-Ear Exposure Sensors (IEES) to Measure Blunt Impact & Blast Overpressure.
  • Pharmaceuticals & Manufacturing: Weighing only 2.5 grams, the DDR can be used to create a “golden” unit that has the same size and weight as the actual product. The instrumented unit can then be run through the automated assembly line or shipping process to record measurements such as shock and vibration.
  • High Value Asset Monitoring: can be used in package testing and safe transit of high value assets in a variety of environments and vehicles such as planes, trains, trucks, and cargo containers.

Designed to be embedded on or in devices under test without altering usage or test dynamics, this ultra-low power bare flex circuit with built-in sensors has non-volatile flash memory, a shock rating of 10000 g operating/survivable, and wireless inductive charging.

The DTS DDR, one of the most innovative data acquisition solutions available. Click to learn more.

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