DTS New Sales Partner – PROWAVE
DTS New Sales Partner -Crisel
DTS is proud to announce that Prowave is our new sales partner in Taiwan!

Founded in 1989, Prowave has expertise in vibration monitoring & testing, data acquisition and sensors.  We are excited to work with Prowave and continue to build on our strong and longstanding relationships with automotive, aerospace, and defense customers in Taiwan.

Prowave, a professional vibration monitoring and testing software manufacturer, focuses on the diversity of testing tools and in 2019 separated their vibration testing and equipment monitoring into two departments, providing more in-depth planning and services for customers in different applications.

The Prowave Team
Prowave’s service covers the whole of Taiwan, with headquarters located in Kaohsiung, with offices in Taipei, Hsinchu, and Taichung. In 2012, it was certified by the Ministry of Economy as a technical service agency team. The company’s R&D and AE account for more than half of the company’s staff, and more than ten years of experience Each of their equipment diagnostics personnel is ISO 18436 vibration analyst certified, for customer peace of mind.
The Prowave philosophy of “Simple, easy to use, and effective,” goes hand-in-hand with DTS values and cutting-edge miniature data acquisition systems and sensors.

Welcome to Team DTS!

For more about Prowave go to www.prowavegroup.com.

September 18, 2023

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