Congratulations on Your Retirement, DTS Co-Founder Steve Pruitt!
DTS named Best Places to Work OC 2023

After 33+ years at DTS, Steve Pruitt, co-founder and Chief Sales & Business Development Officer, has retired. Steve, along with two other crash test engineers, Tim Kippen and Mike Beckage, began DTS in 1990 in an office above a garage. Today DTS is a successful global company with headquarters in Seal Beach, California and 7 technical centers around the world.

In his parting email Steve said,

“I have enjoyed working with you all over many years of crash, blast, and other testing – WorldSID, WIAMan, dosimeters and many other product developments. This is truly a great profession and industry. I can honestly say that everyone I have worked with has been dedicated to helping to make the world safer for us humans, no matter what kind of vehicle or sport we subject ourselves to. I have helped test everything from roller coasters and Olympic bobsleds, to ejection seats and stunt men to athletes and race cars to tanks to rockets and many more I can’t remember. Truly the best job ever!”

Steve, thank you for helping to create such a phenomenal company that advances human safety. You will be greatly missed, but your legacy lives on!

DTS specializes in miniature data acquisition solutions and portable data logger solutions for product development, performance validation and safety testing. DTS DAQ solutions are engineered for extreme test environments and are reliable in even the most challenging applications.

July 18, 2023

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