DTS 2022 Highlights
DTS 2022 Year Highlights

As we ring in a new year, here are a few of DTS’ innovation highlights and events from 2022 – just in case you missed anything!

The NFL mouthguard sensor program which launched in 2019, is continuing to utilize mouthguards fitted with the DTS DDR (Dynamic Data Recorder) which is vital in gathering critical head impact data that will help in the development of rule changes and equipment designed to improve player safety.

You can read more about this program in Driven by Data – The NFL Player Safety Revolution and more about the DDR, a flexible standalone 6DOF data logger, in Meet the Smallest Most Versatile 6DOF Data Logger Available.

NASA’s Artemis 1 & DTS
Talk about rugged – DTS equipment has now been around the moon and back!

What a year it’s been for both NASA and DTS. A big highlight was the Artemis 1 mission. A 25 ½ day uncrewed flight successfully went around the moon and back, then had a textbook splashdown on Dec. 11, at 12:40 ET. This text flight used the most powerful rocket in the world, known as the Space Launch System Rocket (SLS) which propelled the Orion spacecraft for the first minutes of the mission. You can read more about that in Taking the Next Leap to the Moon.

And the DTS equipment that went on this historic mission? The TSR PRO data logger. This compact data logger was embedded behind Captain Moonikin Campos’ seat (the test manikin that went on the mission). When the hatch doors closed the TSR PRO was trigged into action to record acceleration and vibration data which will help NASA better understand forces astronauts may experience on the first scheduled crewed mission of the Orion spacecraft – the Artemis 2 mission set for 2024. Read more about Artemis 1 and DTS in “To Boldly Go Where No TSR PRO Has Gone Before.

Crash Test/Blast Test Dummy News
The WIAMan blast manikin, which was developed in partnership with DTS, the U.S. Army, and top Universities, is designed to measure vertical loads from a blast impact that comes from below the occupant. The incredible amount of data collected from the integrated DTS data acquisition system is processed by a software analysis tool called AMANDA, or Analysis of Manikin Data. AMANDA received a final stamp of approval when it was accredited by the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command on Feb. 2. Read more about this in “Blast Test Dummy Assessment Tool Receives Stamp of Accreditation.”

GM (General Motors) is aiming for a goal of a world with zero crashes and recently introduced their safety brand, Periscope, which is a more holistic approach to vehicle safety. DTS and GM have a long-standing partnership to help make the world safer. DTS data acquisition (DAQ) are designed to support crash safety. Read “GM is Boldly Aiming for a World with Zero Crashes” for more information.

DTS Employee Happenings
DTS welcomed 11 new people onto the DTS team this year, and are proud to be named one of the best places to work in Orange County for the 3rd year in a row by Best Companies Group;

DTS is proud to be named one of Orange County’s Best Places to work again. Our success starts with our employees, and we’re honored that they have put us on the list for the third year in a row,” said Rollin White, Head of DTS.”

And congratulations to all those who were promoted!

One intrepid group of DTS employees got together to run the 190 Mile Ragnar Race. Dubbed the “Dapper Dummies,” they completed the race in just over 33 hours. 

We have no doubt that 2023 will be an exciting year full of innovation, testing breakthroughs, and a whole lot of fun. Hope you’ll join us on the journey. If you don’t already please Follow Us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Here’s to a happy, prosperous and safe 2023!

December 23, 2022

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